Photo of the Week – Welcome to Alaska

Alaska border crossing sign on the Klondike Highway

Welcome To Alaska

Photo of the Week – Iowa 80

Iowa 80 Kitchen
Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Iowa 80 Kitchen Truck

Photo of the Week – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas 2017

Road to Rome, Day 9 – Murano and Burano

Saint Marks Square After a whirlwind first day in Venice, we spent the next morning relaxing and shopping along the waterfront. St Mark’s Square was fairly empty and we were able to snap a few good pics without a ton of tourists in them.

Our first adventure of the day began at 11 a.m., when we boarded a private water taxi to the island of Murano for a glass blowing demonstration at B.F. Signoretti glass factory. A master glass blower took a glob of molten glass and transformed it into a unicorn before our eyes. We then toured parts of the factory and had an opportunity to purchase beautiful, one of a kind pieces to bring home with us.

We returned briefly to our hotel to freshen up, then rejoined our new friends for a wonderful afternoon excursion to the picturesque island of Burano. There, we had a fabulous multi course lunch at the Trattoria da Romano. The wait staff pampered us with impeccable service, passing around dishes of Risotto, fresh seafood, pasta, and salad. Ruth also arranged for plenty of vegan options, and we completed our meal with a shot (or two!) of delicious Amaretto.

Burano Italy

There was plenty of time for exploring after lunch, and we strolled lazily along the water, taking pictures of Burano’s famous candy colored houses. Generations ago, the fisherman of Burano painted all the houses bright colors so they could identify which was theirs through the fog after returning home from a busy day of fishing (and drinking). Burano is also known for its handmade lace and there were several local artisans displaying their unique pieces for sale. After a bit more shipping, we returned to the water to wait for our taxi.

Sail Boat in VeniceOnce back at the hotel, we climbed to the roof top and silently watched as the sun covered the lagoon with a dazzling display of light before disappearing out of sight. Returning to the Bar Ristorante Bucintoro for a late dinner, we enjoyed authentic Italian pizza, wine and gelato. We now understood why Venice was referred to as “La Serenissima”.


Join us on day 10 as we visit one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and shave a few more miles off the Road to Rome!

Photo of the Week – Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier
Washington State, USA

Mount Rainier - Washington