Up on the Roof

Happy Easter! We spent our Good Friday and Easter weekend on the roof of the rig putting on the new Dicor rubber roof coating.

First things first. I have been calling this Dicor coating “liquid rubber” or “the new rubber coating” and it wasn’t until we finally opened the cans that I realized it was NOT “liquid rubber” or “rubber coating”! It is acrylic rubber roof coating, essentially an acrylic paint. Guess I should read my labels better. Anyway, it’s on and it looks great!

We spent the afternoon on Friday removing the vent covers and the cover to the AC unit and then cleaning and applying new lap sealant around the seams of the old sealant. The stuff that was on there was not bad at all so we just went along the seams with caulking just to be safe.

On Saturday, we spent a few hours putting up plastic to cover the whole outside of the motorhome. It was time consuming and quite a pain. It was sunny out buy it was WINDY and that made it a little tough to keep the plastic in place. You can see in some of the videos and photos that we used logs from the wood pile, a ladder and a giant pallet to help keep the plastic from billowing and coming off. It must have taken us at least three hours to get it up there, only to take it down a half hour later.

Step one in the Dicor coating process is to apply a sort of primer liquid. It cleans and prepares the rubber to accept the acrylic. We read online about the liquid potentially causing damage to other surfaces so it was recommended to wrap the rig in plastic for that step.

After we completed the first step, we took off all of the plastic and sprayed down the whole outside of the motorhome to rinse away any of the chemical that may have made it’s way under the plastic.

Painting on the new coating was easier than we thought it would be. We were able to use brushes and a roller to apply four coats over two days on the roof and it worked out great and looks brand new.

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  1. Thanks! We thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was. I think if we were to do it again we would skip the plastic covering and just have one of us on the ground rinsing as we go to make sure it doesn't harm things.

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