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Le Chat Noir

Last Monday, I was leaving home on my way to work and heard what sounded like meowing from inside my car. As I started to accelerate, the meowing grew louder and it was clearly coming through the front dash vents. I immediately pulled over and felt a terrible surge of panic. I’ve read about people finding small animals in their car, which climbed in for the warmth of the engine in cold weather, and the story didn’t always have a happy ending.

Terrified of what I would find, I slowly lifted the front hood. I was stunned by the sight of the most beautiful, solid black kitten, sitting on top of the fuse box. A tiny head with piercing hazel eyes peered back at me and I was paralyzed…until she started to move. I barely snatched her and got a pretty good scratch for the effort. With the driver’s side door wide open, I left my car running and began jogging toward my Mom’s a couple of buildings over from me.  I started yelling through an open window and when my Mom came to the door, she simply said “Where did you get THAT?!” I quickly told her the story and had to go because I was going to be late for work. Mom took the little kitty and hid her in the bedroom, away from her two over friendly dogs.

That evening, I made up flyers and put them up around the apartment complex. We waited anxiously the next day for someone to call, but no one did. After work, I stopped by Moms and played with the kitten, knowing full well this beautiful little creature could not go to a shelter. After talking it over, we’ve decided to give her a forever home. Her name is Paris and she’s the sweetest little girl ever! Now we know what to do with the remodeled bunk space in Lady T 😉

We hope you enjoy these pictures of our new little friend.