Springfield RV & Camping Show

This past Saturday, we decided to brave the frozen tundra and trek out to western Mass for the Springfield RV, Camping & Outdoor Show at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds. The show is the largest in the Northeast, with over 250 exhibitors from all over New England and an annual attendance of 34,000 people.

We arrived around Noon and were excited to see that the looming Nor’easter and subzero wind chills hadn’t deterred the thousands of crazy camping lovers that showed up for the expo. There were three huge buildings full of the newest rigs, toys and accessories and dozens of vendors, selling everything from jewelry to jerky. One of the unique vendors was Custom Themed Solar Lights & Crafts. They make one-of-a-kind solar lights out of landscaping logs…check out the awesome Route 66 themed lamp we picked up to compliment Lady T!

We took our time in each building, stopping frequently to pick up campground and RV resort brochures to help us to decide on where to visit during the 2015 season. We also toured several new trailers and RV’s, allowing ourselves to daydream into the future when we hope to someday be full-timers (and lottery winners). And no J&J outing would be complete without taking a few goofy pictures!

Around 3 PM, we hit the road, right when the storm was starting to get gnarly. After this last month, it’s been feeling like summer will never get here but the RV show has rejuvenated our spirits and we know it won’t be long before were cruising in the open air once again, with the windows down and the radio turned up, an endless stretch of asphalt before us and this miserable winter fading from the rearview. Viva la road trip!

Route 66 Solar Light

Cool solar lamp we picked up— Love that 66!

Cool Door Mat

Thought this door mat was cool

At The RV Show

I had to stand on my tip toes for this one

At The RV Show

At The RV Show
What a couple of wieners!

Leprechaun Class C
Our pick of the Class C’s for this show

Travel Trailer
Our pick for the nicest small travel trailer


  1. Isn't it nice to have something to look forward to? I'm sure you were frustrated about the storm getting worse, just when you decided to hit the road. However, I'm sure you were really excited that the next destination was an awesome RV show. In any case, I hope you've decided well about which RV resorts to visit this year. Thanks for sharing that, Jay and Jazz! Take care always! 🙂

    Austin Hawkins @ Champion Trailers

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