Special Post – Our Time in Friendly, Arizona

Ok, there is no such place but you wouldn’t know it. All of the people we have met have been super friendly, despite the harsh Arizona landscape in which they live. From the folks manning the visitor centers to the proprietors of each small shop, we have seen nothing but smiling faces. Here are four standouts:

Pita Pit

Pita Pit Pete

This is the guy who took our order at the Pita Pit in Flagstaff, AZ. This young man evoked something that most super chains have failed to teach their employees about sales: anticipation. After listening intently to how my pita would be “designed”, I couldn’t have wanted anything more at that moment. We also talked about our trip a bit and he invited us to stop back in on the way home. His name really wasn’t Pete, of course, but I’m sure he won’t mind.


KOA Kevin

Kevin is the gentleman who assisted us yesterday at the KOA campground we chose to refresh out tanks. Just so happens he is a tech guy and he and Jay discussed nerd stuff for a bit. Kevin asked if we had a blog and he have us his.  He and his wife use it to post info about their hiking adventures and business. Kevin suggested we visit Google AdSense to try to make some money off of our adventures. We told him we don’t have enough traffic coming through our blog but were working on it (HINT).

Tape Ball Chuckie Tape Ball Chuckie

Chuckie is the young guy that changed our oil at the Firestone garage in Williams, AZ. He was quiet but nice and was a good sport when Jay asked for a picture of him and the giant tire tape ball that the station has on display. Chuckie mentioned that the tape ball was at one time in the Arizona Highways Magazine.

Mustard Girl

As I mentioned, we have met a bunch of different people on our trip so far and among those, there are a few who have really stood out. Mustard Girl is such a character. She was the young girl who took our order at the famous, wacky Snow Cap Drive-in in Seligman, AZ. Mustard GirlIn the span of about three minutes, she pulled more gags on us than any circus magician and we all had a good laugh when I countered with a couple of my own (I have been known to be funny). I, unfortunately, didn’t get her real name but it wouldn’t matter if I did. We will always remember her as Mustard Girl.


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