Sept. 7 – N. Myrtle Beach & Waterfront Park

The rain continued this morning while Jay emptied the tanks and I held the umbrella. We wanted to hang out for a bit to avoid post-Labor Day traffic so after leaving the campground, we stopped at a place called Nostalgia City and Museum. This store had lots of retro goodies, specializing in metal signs, and a huge knife collection, We browsed for about an hour and when we left, the rain had stopped!

Myrtle Beach was only slightly more active that Virginia Beach, After strolling for a bit, we stopped at a bar called Mako’s for onion rings and a yummy frozen drink. On the way out of town, we stumbled upon North Myrtle Beach and here was all of the action! This area is home to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade, as well as a ton of shops, eateries and beach bars. We parked Lady T on a side street and walked around for about an hour before hopping back on the road towards Charleston, SC.

It was early evening when we arrived in Charleston and there was a lot of activity in the streets. We selected Waterfront Park Pier as our starting point and figured we could walk the surrounding area after taking some pictures.

Waterfront Park offers great views of the Cooper River and Fort Sumter is about a mile out from Charleston Harbor. The pier has several swinging benches that visitors can relax in and we did just that as the sun went down over the water. After a bit, we began walking and ended up the French Quarter. This area is home to many historic buildings and upscale restaurants. There were also a ton of sweet shops! We stopped in the Moon Pie General Store and visited a few other places before heading back to Lady T.

It was almost about time for a Thai food fix and we got lucky on the way to the Walmart in Charleston. The GPS guided us to the wrong side of the road so had to pull into a small strip mall parking lot. And there, on the corner, was a place called “Pick Thai”…don’t mind of we do! Jay ordered Chicken Pad Thai and I had delicious Pad See Ew with vegetarian spring rolls…YUM!

Tomorrow, we will be heading down to Georgia and the beautiful Tybee Island. Stay with us for more southern fun!


  1. Sounded like a good time from the beach area to the onion rings to the thai food. We are fond of thai and I've not had it in a while. Looking forward to your Tybee experience. Such a pretty place. There were some pretty areas around AJ's to take pics on the back side of the island. And you can easily catch beautiful sunsets not too far down from AJ's on some side streets that lead down to the water. Dolphins and sunsets! There's one little grocery store on the island and fun to go in and visit. And there is a place to eat crab legs too called Sting Ray's. Such an island feel and you all are going to love it. We stayed in a place called "Blue Crab" – one of the houses to rent. Cute houses back in there and you'll have to drive back in there anyway if you go to AJ's. There is a local author there I love. Mary K Andrews. She has a house back in there and so does Paula Deen! Can't wait to see what you all post! Have fun you guys!

  2. Lots of cute gift shops too on the island. And the ice cream on the Tybee Boardwalk has some awesome and different flavors. And….they fish off the peer and catch sharks all the time. Be careful and no swimming by the peer. One more thing. But there is a place you will see signs on the beach where a lot of folks have to be rescued. It's easy to walk out on the sandbar and go too far and the waves/tide comes in before you can get back. We found it intriguing and had to go find where that was. Of course we did not go!

  3. Hey Back Porch Writer, Thanks for your comments and following along with us! We have loved all of our stops so far. We noticed your comments late and we are posting a day behind, but still had a great Tybee visit. Headed to Pensacola area soon!

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