Sept. 6 – Arriving in Myrtle Beach

Jay drove the four hours to Myrtle Beach today while I tried to figure out which campground to stay at. A place called Ocean Lakes Family Campground kept popping up online and was rated very highly so I gave them a call. Fortunately, they were more than happy to reserve a site for us for the night! We opted for ocean front, which would put us as close to the beach as possible.

Our Awesome J&J Sign

Our Awesome J&J Sign

We’ve stayed at a lot of campgrounds over the years but we have never experienced anything like Ocean Lakes. The property is massive! With nearly 900 pull-through sites and a few hundred rental units, it’s more like a small town. They even have their own cable channels! Check-in was a breeze and the gal who assisted us was super helpful. She asked a few questions about our trip and when we told her we were headed towards Savannah, GA, she recommended we visit Tybee Island.

After getting Lady T squared away, we took a stroll to the rec area and soon realized that we were the only people walking. The preferred mode of transportation within the campground is golf carts. Some of the carts appeared to be rentals but others were souped up, with alloy rims and booming stereos. It was really fun to watch all of them zip by!

We returned to Lady T just as it started to drizzle and it rained off and on for the rest of the evening. Jay made my favorite for dinner, Vegan jambalaya (recipe to come!) and we spent the remainder of the evening recharging our batteries (and Lady T’s).

Tomorrow, we hope the rain will let up so we can explore the area more and then we’ll be heading to Charleston. Check out today’s favorite pics and don’t forget to follow us n stuff!



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