Our First Camping Trip in the Rig

We had booked this trip before we bought the RV, so we called the campground and asked to be moved to a site big enough to accommodate 28′. Since the new site didn’t include utilities, this would be the first “real” test of the generator, appliances, etc.

We decided to leave early and drive an extra hour North to visit my grandfather in Vergennes, VT. The route we decided on was the same one that I’ve driven many times and I knew that there was one questionable underpass in Westminster on Rte 123. I looked it up before we left and triple measured the height of our rig to make sure that we would be able to pass.

The ride to Vergennes was smooth. I was concerned about the driveway of the home where my grandfather lives but when we arrived, we had plenty of space to squeeze in without any issues. We visited with gramps for a couple hours and then made our was to the campground. When we arrived, we bought a couple bundles of wood, which we used as blocks to level the RV.

SUCCESS!! We were officially camping in our new (to us) motorhome. As it began to rain, we just smiled at each other. The last few years, it has rained at least one day on every one of our camping trips. Now, we didn’t have to worry about digging ditches, soggy tents and hanging up garbage bags in our screen tent!

We knew when we bought the rig that the passenger side had been damaged and a leak was present in the bunk area. It was re-sealed before we completed the purchase but after doing some research, we were prepared for the leak to return. It started to really downpour in the early evening and sure enough, we started leaking like a sieve. I put my raincoat on and quickly got up on the front end to tape a bag over the area where the bunk window was leaking, Guess we can’t get rid of those garbage bags yet!

On Saturday, we had planned on attending the Southern Vermont Garlic & Herb Festival in Bennington but since it rained so much the night before, we stayed at the campground and went on Sunday instead. At the festival, we were guided into a huge hay field, where we parked next to a few other motorhomes. We had a great time, sampling different garlic and enjoying the entertainment!

After the festival, we drove over to the cemetery in Arlington to visit my grandmother’s grave. It was a tight squeeze turning the rig into the cemetery but we took it slow. We managed to exit pretty easy as well, scraping a few low hanging tree branches on the way out. On the way home, we saw a flea market which, of course, we had to stop at. After checking out the tables, we had some lunch and got back on the road.

Our first trip was a tough one but we couldn’t be happier with our rig! She held up surprisingly well on the mountainous terrain of Vermont and everything worked like new. We will have to work on fixing that leak, so stay tuned for future repair videos.

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~J & J

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