Auxiliary Start Switch/Solenoid

To the left of Lady T’s steering wheel, there is a rocker switch on the dashboard that, when flipped on, connects the coach battery to the engine battery. This allows us to jump the coach battery with the truck battery and vice versa. Last year, this switch stopped working so we replaced it right before before our Route 66 trip.

After getting Lady T out of storage this year, Jay tested this switch and it was dead again. We bought a new switch and replaced the existing one but this time, we got a whole lot of nuttin’. Upon further research and some tinkering, Jay discovered that the solenoid that connects the two batteries was burnt out. We searched online and found an OEM replacement on Amazon.

We just installed the new solenoid a couple of weeks ago and after a minor fail, we are now back in business! Have a look at the video and photos of the removal and installation.



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