A Visit from the Police

Because I live in a condo community, I don’t have any space to park our 28′ beauty. So last summer, we parked her on the street across from my building.

One day, I drove past the rig to make sure she was OK before I went inside and I noticed what looked like a business card on the driver’s window. After parking my Jeep, I walked over to see what was on the card and was surprised to see that it was from the Massachusetts State Police. On the back, it read “We need to talk about your motorhome.”

I called the police barracks and left a message for the Lieutenant that left the card. I figured someone had complained in some capacity and I was curious to find out what the issue was.

After a few days, I hadn’t heard back so I called and left another message. The next day, I was doing some work on the rig when the Lieutenant pulled up. We began chatting and he informed me that someone did complain about our RV being parked on the street. I was a bit annoyed by this because there are several junk cars parked (permanently) on the property and our rig definitely isn’t junk!

The Lieutenant said he did some research after his initial visit and he couldn’t find any rules or laws against us parking on the street. He stated that as long as I wasn’t taking another residents spot or blocking the road, we were in compliance with local parking regulations. He even offered to let me store the rig on his parking lot over at the station (which is only a 1/4 mile) but I explained that she would be stored for the winter and would be off the street by November 1st.

It’s just a few months before we bring her back out again for the season so I hope that the Grinch who complained will mind their own business this time around!

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Parked at home

Here she is parked on the street at home.

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