The Great Spring Uncovering of 2015

The relentless Winter of 2015 has finally passed and spring has sprung! We were so excited to uncover the old girl this past Sunday and hope to have her moved to her summer parking spot this weekend.

The outside of Lady T was as spotless as when we covered her last November, thanks to her awesome ADCO Class C RV cover. Unfortunately, we discovered that several small non-paying tenants had occupied her lower quarters during the winter. We found lots of poopie and our 6 pack of marine toilet paper looked like Edward Scissor Hands had used it in a juggling act!

The season before last, we used Bounce dryer sheets to deter unwanted guests and had no issues. So, just in case, your wondering, generic dryer sheets are useless. I usually don’t subscribe to brand name hoopla but the adage ” You get what you pay for” certainly rings true in this case. Next time, we will spend the extra money!


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