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Photo of the Week – Lincoln Highway

Scenic buttes along the Lincoln Highway

Scenic view of some Buttes along the Lincoln Highway

Through the Window – The Mohawk Trail

Our latest video follows Lady T on Route 2 and the Mohawk Trail in Western Massachusetts.

Sept. 2 – On the Road Again

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” Jack Kerouac

After 15 long months of waiting and preparing, we and Lady T are on the move again, heading south for the next four weeks towards new places, unfamiliar faces and unknown possibilities.

Maybe Kerouac didn’t leave anything behind but we certainly have. Family and friends who give us a reason to return home. A day to day life that can often be monotonous and plain but is still our own. Coincidentally, Jack Kerouac was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, our hometown, and although I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else, I often feel the same urgency to go. The allure of the open road never wanes…our desire to see and do more is persistent and overflowing.

No matter where we go, home will always be waiting for us. But for now, we are the mad ones. For now, we are on the road!



Memorial Day Camping in Vermont

We could HARDLY WAIT for Memorial day weekend to arrive so we could get Lady T back on the road and put this miserable New England winter behind us.

Originally, we had selected DAR State Park in Addison, VT for our stay. The ride up was great and since we left on Saturday morning, there wasn’t too much traffic. We arrived at the park around 2 PM and proceeded to our assigned site. After backing Lady T in, I noticed that there didn’t seem to be any hook-ups. Anywhere. On any site.

Jay had recently done a lot of work on the genny and it was running like new but in typical J&J fashion, it crapped out just before we left. SO, there we were, sitting on a site without hookups, with a quarter tank of water and no generator, watching our utopian camping weekend quickly fading from view. We called the front office just to be certain and the gal we spoke to confirmed that they didn’t have any sites with utilities. However, she did offer to provide a full refund in light of our predicament. We were very impressed by this and although we didn’t end up staying, we give DAR State Park an A for excellent service!

I thought it would be impossible to find another campground that would have spots open on Memorial Day weekend but to our surprise, we found one on the first try! Whispering Pines Campground in Vergennes had availability with full hook-ups, so off we went. It was just a short drive from where we were and when we arrived, we were guided into a nice spot by a gentleman who we presumed to be the owner. The nightly rate was cheap and we were pleased with the site until we realized…wait for it…NO FIRE PIT?!?! Just about the best part of camping!Now, no offense to those folks who don’t mind camping without a fire pit but to J&J, it is non-negotiable! Once again, we were on the phone, hoping the third time would be the charm. We called the next number on the list, which belonged to Hillcrest Campground, also in Vergennes. The woman on the phone said, “Sure, we have a spot for a 28 ft RV. Yes, it includes utilities. Yes, of course, the site has a fire pit.”

We arrived at Hillcrest in minutes and were guided to a site up on a small ridge overlooking a shallow pond. We noticed that most of the rigs on this property appeared to be permanent so we were thankful that they found a space for us! The site was spacious, with a fire pit near the edge of the ridge, and the area was clean. Even though we have our own bathroom now, I always check the on-site facilities. The women’s bathroom was very small but clean.

After our initial “site drama”, the rest of the day was relatively quiet. After settling in, we walked around the campground a bit. Most of the permanent rigs were old but the grounds were well kept. For dinner, we cooked some dogs on our new Coleman Xcurison Road Trip Grill and relaxed by the fire.

On Sunday, we visited Jay’s grandpa, Ken, aka G-Pa, and then spent a few hours in Burlington, the largest city in Vermont. The last time we were there was about 12 years ago, so we were surprised to see how much it has changed! Burlington was always a sort of bohemian gathering place, with head shops on every corner, Dead Heads playing hack on Church street, and live local music streaming out of artsy little clubs. These days, the Church Street Marketplace has evolved into more of a cosmopolitan tourist attraction. The hippie element is still present but is has been subdued by hordes of families and shoppers. This isn’t a bad thing…just different than what we remembered. My favorite part of this trip was sampling the vegan mini cupcakes at a place called…you guessed it, My Little Cupcake…YUM! Afterward, we visited the Burlington Boathouse Dock. It was a bit overcast but we just sat for a while and enjoyed the view of Lake Champlain.

Sunday evening after dinner, we started a campfire and were treated to a free concert, right at our campsite! We had no clue that what we were listening to but after a quick search, we determined it was the Spring Peeper Frog. Jay recorded a short video and posted it to our YouTube channel…check it out!

Overall, we had a nice weekend just enjoying the outdoors and visiting with family. You can’t lose when you visit Vermont. It’s beautiful any time of year and is quintessential New England!

See you on the road,


Burlington Vermont Lake Champlain


10,000 Views and Counting!!!

Dear Along the Way with J&J Visitors,

We would like to thank all of you for helping us reach 10,000 views! We have put a lot of work into the blog recently and we’re proud of every bit of our content.

Jay & I have learned so much in the last several months and its been great fun sharing our adventures with you. We hope that you will continue to visit us regularly to see what we’re up to and help us grow. And now, a quote: “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu
See you on the road! J&J