Sept. 9 – Parking Issues & MLK Jr. Memorial

There are many wonderful reasons for owning a motor home. The freedom of travelling in an RV on the open road is unparalleled. However, there are some pesky disadvantages and we ran into a big one today.

Our plan was to drive to Athens and walk around for a bit, then head to Atlanta to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and whatever else we could squeeze in. When we arrived in Athens, we quickly saw that is was going to be difficult to move around. Athens is a densely populated college town and the roads were a bit congested. Shortly after leaving the highway, we pulled into a gas station and called the local parking authority to ask about RV parking. Apparently, there isn’t any! The women Jay spoke with suggested we could get a permit from the local courthouse. That wasn’t going to happen so, unfortunately, we had to keep moving.

We arrived in Atlanta around 4 PM and luckily, the parking area for the MLK memorial was right off the highway, We parked Lady T in the nearly empty lot and walked the short distance to the visitors center, There, a nice gentleman helped us with getting our passports cancelled and then provided a brief overview of the area. We visited Martin Luther King’s birth home, Ebenezer Baptist Church, where MLK preached his first sermon, the Peace Garden, and the reflecting pool where he and his wife are laid to rest.

After the memorial, we mulled over going to downtown Atlanta but the traffic was already beginning to get ugly, so we decided to move on. We agreed that if we ever came back this way with Lady T that we would stay somewhere outside of the city and rent a car to explore.

The Walmart in Marietta was our home for the evening and it started to rain as soon as we were settled in, We are getting used the daily spurts of precipitation that seem to run on a timer here in the South and although a little messy to drive in, they have offered a welcome respite from the hateful sun.

By the way, it turns out the air conditioner in the cab overheated last evening and is working fine now, so Lady T is cool as a cucumber! Not really sure where we’re headed tomorrow so y’all have to come back to find out!

MLK Grave at the MLK National Historic Site

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