Sept. 4 – Virginia Beach & Colonial Williamsburg

We expected Virginia Beach to be mobbed today but there weren’t very many people out. Maybe that’s because it was a ZILLION degrees! It was really about 94 but the punishing sun made it feel double that.

To keep cool, we first rented a couple of beach cruisers and headed down the boardwalk towards the famous King Neptune statue. We rode several blocks to 31st Street and had to wait our turn for pictures. We only paid for one hour on the bikes so after we got our pics, we reversed direction and rode back to the rental place.

The beach seemed to stretch for miles and the water temperature was perfect. Jay took a swim while I strolled and then we briefly browsed a few beach shops. Shortly after heading out towards Williamsburg, we ran into a ton of midday traffic so we had to change our route. This put our arrival in the Revolutionary City at 6 PM. It was a strange but pleasant experience walking down “Duke of Glouster” Street at dusk, a humid haze surrounding everything and the only light emanating from flickering lanterns.

From Williamsburg, we drove towards a city called Williamston. There were virtually no street lamps on this route for over two hours and I think it is the eeriest drive I’ve ever been on. Like, of the Jeepers Creepers variety.

Once again, we settled down late but will be up early to visit the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. Check out the pics below!

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