Photo of the Week – Port Gardner Bay

Port Gardner Bay
Everett, Washington

Port Gardner Bay Everett, WA


  1. I’m looking to purchase a Smart Car to flat tow behind our 27′ Winnebago Navion. Now that you’ve had more experience towing Inky, can you please give me some detailed information in regard to towing package, disconnecting battery, etc, all I would need to know?
    Your help is deeply appreciated, as my husband is not on board with this decision.

    Many thanks!
    Jeanne Galvin

    • Hi, Jeanne!
      Thanks for viewing. We still are not experts and can only give out opinions on towing the smart car. We bought our tow bar used off of Craigslist as well as the supplemental brake. We have not yet installed the braking system and don’t see the need for it as the car is so light, but in New York, it meets the legal requirement in the towing laws. We will be installing that on our own in the next few months before heading through NY. The baseplate was brand new and I had the local RV shop install that and wire the car for towing. We do have a battery kill switch but have yet to install it. I have read both pros and cons to having one and not sure it’s really needed but that will be installed soon as well. We will be making some videos this summer of the towing package, installations and more detailed posts on the site so stay tuned. Thanks J&J

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