New Power Converter/Charger Installation

A few weeks back, we were doing some work on the Lady and we noticed that the coach battery was low and the entry stair wasn’t working.  We have a cool little portable jumper pack that we travel with so we used that to jump the coach battery and start the generator. We let the generator run for a while and was plugged into shore power most of the day. Unfortunately, we weren’t getting any juice.

After checking a bunch of fuses and testing the relay switch, we figured out that the charger in the coach converter/charger wasn’t working. The converter was absorbing electricity from the generator, which let us run the lights, appliances, etc. but the charger was dead.

The converter is right underneath the bench on my side of the dining table and I remembered on our last camping trip that I could feel a lot of heat coming from the unit. I mentioned it to Jay but we thought that it was just working overtime because of the temp outside. There is a cooling fan in the converter that should have been working but apparently it wasn’t and there was a lot of compacted dust that even a can of compressed air couldn’t shake loose. Realizing that Lady T is 21 years old, we were astounded that the unit lasted as long as it did!

Anyway, we did more research in the forums and decided to go with for our replacement. A lot of folks seemed to be using them and we needed to get this done before the big trip in September! Luckily, we found a direct upgrade kit for the Magnetek 6300 series in our rig and Jay ordered it same day.

The new converter arrived a few days early and Jay got right on it. He installed the new unit within a couple hours and everything is working great now! Check out the video and photos below.


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