Finally Getting Our Kicks…

Tomorrow, we will embark on our month long Route 66 cross country trip in our awesome vintage motorhome, “Lady T”. For the both of us, this has been a long time dream.

When I think about driving cross-country, I remember the countless movies I watched as a kid on late night cable during summer vacations. In those movies, someone was always leaving, arriving, or on the way. To me, exploring the open road represented the ultimate freedom, a feeling I hoped to experience one day.

Over the years, Jay & I have often talked about travelling cross-country but it always seemed like just a dream. Early last year, we started considering the trip more seriously and we realized very quickly there were so many things to consider. Unlike all of those movies, it was not realistic for us to simply jump in an old jalopy and go. How would we travel? Which routes should we choose? When should we go? Could we afford it?

Then last July, we took our  first step towards making our dream a reality. After only a few weeks of actively searching, we found our 1994 Ford Fleetwood Tioga motorhome! From the moment I saw her, I knew she was our rig. When I first stepped inside, I felt like she had always been ours and had just been waiting for us to arrive. In immaculate condition and with an old school look that we loved, she was in a word: perfect.

Fast forward to today. Our checklist has been checked (and re-checked), the mail has been held and as of 8:30AM tomorrow morning, the word “work” has been removed from our vocabulary. We have waited a long time to get here and very soon, we’ll be getting there. We hope that you will come along for the ride…

See you on the road.


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