External Faucet/Shower Fixture Replacement

A few weeks back, we were using the outside faucet/shower on Lady T while doing some maintenance and the water pump kept coming on every few minutes. We’ve come to realize that anytime you hear the pump growling and there isn’t any water running, it’s time to look for a leak! Doing just that, we shortly discovered a drip coming directly from underneath the external faucet compartment.

This was the first time we had used the faucet for more than a minute or two, so we spent some time figuring out how it was connected to the water system. Eventually, Jay found a leak coming from the faucet connectors to the water pipes. Fortunately, this was only occurring when the pump was on and the faucet was in use.

Jay removed the hoses and tried some plumbers tape but the leak persisted.  The videos below detail the replacement of the faucet fixture we purchased online.

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