Day One on the Open Road

Well, we made it through the first day… 572 miles from home to the Ohio border! We got on the highway at about 11:30 AM in Massachusetts and arrived at the Ohio Welcome Center parking lot at 1:00 am.

Stopping a couple times for gas and just to make sure Lady T was holding up, she is 20 years old you know! She did just fine, although we did have to stop and duct tape the bumper marker light back into place. It has been falling out since she came out of storage and last night we caught it flapping in the wind while looking in the mirror. And speaking of mirrors, the passenger side mirror still gets out of place when you hit a nice pot hole so we still have to think of a way to keep that stabilized.

We stopped at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center to have some dinner and get gas since online it said that it was a 24-hour facility. Surprise…no gas! We decided to just have some dinner and move along. We found a nice huge truck stop with the cheapest gas we saw all day so we filled it up and poked around the truck stop store at 11:30 pm. Picked up a cool little 12V map light so we can check out the maps while driving without turning on all the lights.

Just about an hour and a half to our home for the night in Ohio from that last truck stop. When we pulled in all we could see were big rigs and tractor trailers. We found a nice spot between a car carrier and a 53′ trailer and called it a night.

Route 90 is a long road and takes you all the way across the country, but what fun would it be not seeing anything besides the highway. Almost $40 in tolls just to get to the Ohio border. Once we get to Chicago we can get off the major highways and find The Mother Road.

Still about 470 miles from Chicago. We will visit the city and a friend for a little while then be on our way.

Here are some photos we took while driving. Nothing special, just having fun playing with the cameras.

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