Day 30 – We’re Baaaaaack!

C’mon, you know you missed us 😉

After 29 days, 7,989 miles, 16 states and a whole lot of amazing memories, we are home. It was kind of strange waking up in a house without wheels this morning but we are excited to visit with family and deliver the goodies we brought back from all of the wonderful places we visited.

It took us an hour to clear everything out of Lady T this afternoon and then most of the day to sort it all out. Lady T got a thorough cleaning and will visit a mechanic for transmission service and the other minor issues she had on the road. She will be ready for the next adventure in no time!

Jay & I would like to thank everyone who followed us this past month and we hope you enjoyed sharing in our experiences. Travelling cross country has been life changing for us both and we are already planning our next multi-state trip in 2015!

We hope to go camping a couple of weekends this summer and will continue to update the blog with any news about Lady T. Until then, we leave you with a quote:

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”― Ernest Hemingway


End of Road Trip 2014

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