Day 29 – The Home Stretch

We slept in this morning then headed out to cruise the peninsula of Presque Isle. The state park has several beaches to explore and many people were out enjoying fishing, boating and the scenic bike trail.

We stopped one more time to walk the beach and look for more treasure. It was a little cooler and windy so we jumped back in Lady T and drove east towards home. Lady T was running better than she had in days so after a couple hundred miles we decided that we would just drive straight home unless something major caught our eye.

Unfortunately, Lady T became very unhappy just after we crossed the Massachusetts border so we had to stop at a rest area to let her cool off. We decided to rest as well and took a nap until about 2:30 AM. An hour and a half later, we parked Lady T in Devens and spent our first night away from her in 29 days.

Stay tuned for more videos, pictures and our final blog post for our Route 66 adventure!

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