Day 28 – Lucky Lake

We left Seville around 9 AM this morning and made our way towards Sara’s Campground and Presque Isle, PA. Jazz & I were looking forward to parking Lady T and relaxing a bit on beautiful Lake Erie before heading home.

The campground is nestled in the heart of  Presque Isle and is adjacent to the state park. The property is split in half with a sandy beachside and a bay side with concrete lots. We had originally planned on the former but after reviewing the sites, we decided we would be more level on the bay side

After hooking up the rig and showering, we took a walk towards the beach. On the way, we stopped at Sara’s Diner for some fries and onion rings. The diner is decked out in retro 50’s style décor and was packed! Out front, there is also a somewhat disturbing hot dog statue that we couldn’t take our eyes off of. Take a look at the picture and see if you agree 😉

We also stopped at a small gift shop called Beach Zero. The owner was very nice and talked to us for a while about beach glass and luck stones, both of which are very popular in the area. Beach glass is actual glass that has been tumbled around in the water and washes up on shore. Clear glass is the most common color but she mentioned that blue, red and green glass can also wash up.

Luck stones are actually ear bones from the Freshwater Drum (Sheepshead Fish) and can be found on the shores of the great lakes. The stones have been used for many years as good luck charms by sailors and are marked with either a J or L shape, which is supposed to stand for joy and luck.

From the gift shop, we took a stroll in the state park and then walked over to the beach to see if we could find some beach glass of our own. After some digging, we found several small pieces of clear beach glass and a nugget of green. We then headed back to Lady T for a short nap before dinner.

After a tasty dinner, we walked over to the campground beach and waited for the spectacular sunset we had read so much about. While walking, Jasmine spotted a luck stone! Excited, we cleaned off the sand and confirmed the marking that the store owner had mentioned. Not three feet from where Jazz found the first stone she looked down and found another one…WOW!!

The horizon was pretty cloudy but the sunset was beautiful anyway. Afterwards, we stopped at Sara’s diner again and I got hot fudge sundae to enjoy while I started a small campfire before bedtime.

Our trip is almost over but keep checking the blog or FB as we will be adding videos and more photos after we get home.


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