Day 25 – Is Anybody out There?

We got a late start leaving Salina, KS this morning but we were able to catch up on some much-needed rest. Our first stop was downtown, Salina. After heading the wrong way initially, we used the GPS to find a random restaurant located in the downtown area. Everything was closed and there was no one in sight. We saw more movement in a couple of the ghost towns we visited on Route 66 so we got back on the highway in search for someplace more active.

Topeka, the capital city of Kansas, was our next stop. After driving through their equally barren downtown area, we began to wonder if all business was closed on Sunday in Kansas or was it due to the Memorial Day holiday. We figured the state capital should be a bit livelier than the average small town but the only place we stopped was at the post office to drop a postcard in the mailbox. Kansas City was our last stop on I-70 and we were certain we’d find some action there.

 Just outside of Kansas City, we stopped to visit the Hollywood Casino. The casino is adjacent to the Kansas Speedway and a huge shopping plaza with tons of stores and eateries. We walked around for a bit inside and it’s a very nice place. Jazz picked up a chip for her collection and I indulged in a waffle cone full of “Chocolate Death” ice cream.

We returned to the road in search of downtown Kansas City. We set the GPS to 7th street and we were once again disappointed to find that everything was closed. We couldn’t even find a place to grab a postcard 🙁 And that was the end of our visit to Kansas.

We decided on a Flying J about halfway through the state of Missouri to make our stop for the night. Hopefully, we can find some interesting places to explore on the way home. We are contemplating a side trip down to Louisville, KY and have several good ideas about things to see from my cousin Myra, who lived there for many years. We still have a day or so to decide what we are going to do. At this rate, with nothing cool to explore near the highway, we will be home in no time.


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