Day 24 – Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This morning, we got up at our usual time and did some shopping at Walmart for a few essentials. Seth, Erin and the babies stopped by Lady T to say goodbye before we left. Hopefully we will be able to visit again before the kids are in high school!

Once on the road, it took us about two hours to reach the Kansas state line. Kansas is very scenic in its own way and not as flat as Seth told us it would be. I guess compared to Colorado, anything is flat!

Seth told us that we had to stop when we saw signs for the “largest prairie dog”, which we did, at a place called “Prairie Dog Town” in Oakley, KS. We figured it was a statue but we never found out, as the place looked like a rundown zoo and Jazz won’t pay money to see locked up animals. We also attempted to visit Castle Rock near Quinter, KS but had to turn around because the pavement ended after a mile or so.

Nothing else seemed to catch our eye for today so we kept driving until we hit Salina, KS where we will stay the night at a Flying J. Tomorrow we will explore downtown Salina and maybe stop in Topeka and then Kansas City, KS.

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