Day 23 – Sightseeing in the Rockies

While driving to the laundromat this morning, we saw something that is almost as elusive in these parts as the great western Jackalope: a Dunkin’ Donuts!!! We haven’t seen a Dunks since Missouri so we couldn’t get to the drive thru fast enough.

The other day, I noticed a minor leak coming from the hot water heater and after some tinkering, we determined that we needed to replace the worn out drain plug. I located an RV store about 20 miles from where Lady T was parked so we made the trip while waiting for our laundry. Luckily, they had one package of the plugs left!

We picked up the laundry, replaced the plug, cleaned the house and cleaned ourselves By, this time, Seth was home from work. I picked him up and we made our way to Red Rocks Amphitheatre & Park in Morrison, CO. Red Rocks is a must when visiting the Denver area and it one of the coolest places in the world to see a live concert. When we arrived, the main entrance was blocked due to a graduation ceremony so we decided to grab some food and return later. Seth suggested a Mexican place called Morrison’s. We enjoyed our food & cool weather on the patio.

We drove back to Red Rocks and walked around the park for a while. The natural rock formations were stunning and the view of the area below was spectacular! Seth then drove us up to Lookout Mountain which one of the larger foothills that overlooks Golden, CO. This is a popular recreational area and we saw lots of cyclists attempting to tackle the mountain. With an elevation of 7, 374 feet, you would have to be very determined The Colorado Rockies are beautiful and we’re glad we got to see some of them.

We coasted through the many twists and turns down the mountain to make our way towards Downtown Denver, where we met up with Seth’s wife Erin and their babies Keelyn and Eli. We had fun exploring an art festival and the 16th Street Mall and had dinner at Chili’s. We followed Erin back to the Walmart in Aurora, where we have been parked for two days now. This is the longest we have been in one place since we left home 23 days ago.

It’s always great to see family. Jasmine and I are already talking about flying out here in the future and renting an SUV so we can explore the many outdoor landscapes and national parks in Wyoming and Colorado. We didn’t realize that there was so much to see in just these two states and we wish we had more time.

Tomorrow we will hit the road again and begin our drive across Kansas on our trek back home.


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