Day 22 – A Visit with Family

We took our time getting ready today before heading over to visit my cousin Myra in Cheyenne, WY. Myra works from home and was very busy but we spent about an hour chatting and she gave us a tour of her cute little house. She also wrote down a few spots for us to check out in the city.

After our visit, we stopped at the Frontier Days Museum & Gift Shop and took some pictures of the cool statues on the property. We then drove downtown, which wasn’t very busy when we arrived. We found parking on the street and made our way towards the Cheyenne Visitor’s Center located in the train depot building. There was a very nice gift shop in here also and Jazz bought a wooden postcard for her collection. Day 22 - Road Trip 2014

The biggest store in downtown Cheyenne is “The Wrangler” which, according to their sign, is famous for ranch wear since 1943. The store had everything cowboys & girls need: Stetson hats, button-up shirts, cowboy boots and of course, a wide array of Wranglers. There were even a couple of real cowboys hanging around.

We stopped in a few other shops and then made our way towards Colorado to see another cousin. We met Seth in Aurora and went to dinner at a vegan restaurant in Denver that Myra suggested called WaterCourse Foods. It was a nice place and the food was very good…even I liked it! Seth suggested we see some live music after dinner so after a very filling dessert, we drove to a joint called Quixote’s True Blue Café. The café is a Dead Head establishment with tons of awesome tour posters on the walls. All of the bands were good and it was only $5 to get in.

After a few hours, we called it a night. Seth had us drop him off at his place, which is right across the road from the Walmart we are staying at. He has a work truck and is letting us borrow his 4 Runner to do a couple of errands. First order of business tomorrow is LAUNDRY!



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