Day 18 – The Biggest Little City

This morning, we really put Lady T through the wringer as we tried to maneuver the mountainous terrain in Tahoe National Forest. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, over 6000 feet above sea level in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our highest elevation for the day was 7225 feet! We drove into North Tahoe and stopped at the Visitor’s Center for a bit, then continued driving along the lake, taking in the spectacular view as we went. We stopped at a scenic viewing spot to snap some photos…the water is so blue it looks unreal! Unfortunately, we did not make it to the south end of the lake, as Lady T had done all the climbing she could handle for the day. Day 18 - Road Trip 2014

After Tahoe, we attempted to drive to Virginia City but there was no easy way to get there in a 28 ft. RV that had just about had it for the day. Frustrated, we sat in a mall parking lot for about an hour and then decided to just drive to Reno. We reached the downtown area at about 6 PM and found parking on the street. We hit all of the downtown casinos so Jasmine could grab dollar chips for her collection while I was mesmerized by the blinking lights and card tables.  We then drove over to the Peppermill Casino, where I spent many hours back when I worked out here years ago. It is probably the nicest casino in the area. Our last stop was the Atlantis, where I finally played some Black Jack. Holding my own for an hour, I went in with $50 and left with $40…not bad.

The Reno strip is pretty run down but we read an article about how they are adding more nightlife to the area to boost tourism. Since it was Sunday, there wasn’t too much going on so I’m sure it’s livelier on the weekends. It no Vegas but it was cool to visit.

Calling it a night, we made our way to the Super Walmart and leveled off. Made dinner and relaxed for a bit before heading to bed. Tomorrow we will head to Carson City then hopefully Virginia City on the way across the state and aim for Utah.

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