Back to My Roots

Sometimes, you just have to get back to your roots. Grab a tent and the bare essentials and hit the road! This past weekend, I did just that. I left Jazz and Lady T at home and headed up to Wilmington, Vermont, where I camped at Molly Stark State Park.

I’ve been tent camping for as long as I can remember and I’ve seen plenty of photos of my family with those old school 70’s tents before I was even born. We tent camped until I was 18 when my Hogback Mountain Sunset In Vermontparents bought a pop-up and parked in New Hampshire for the season. I think my friends and I used it more than my family! As an adult, I tent camped up until a couple years ago when we found our Lady, but at least once a year I grab my gear and head out for a weekend of hiking and exploring.

After reading in a tourist magazine about the covered bridges of Vermont, I thought it would be cool to visit as many as I could. Turns out there are tons of covered bridges so I chose to explore those in the southern part of the state, a total of 15 . I began on Friday morning, heading to the Rockingham area, which is home to three bridges and then back south to the campground.

In the course of my explorations, I ended up on some pretty cool dirt back roads and loved every moment of it! I had a light dinner after arriving at camp and then made my way up to the Hogback Mountain overlook to catch the blue moon over the range.

The rest of the weekend was filled with more bridges, of course! I had difficulty finding a few but after inquiring with the locals, I managed to visit all 15.

Below is a sampling of the photos I took over the weekend. There are quite a few so it’s going to take a while to sort through them all. Look for a possible eBook in the future!


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